CFDA Granted Approval of Phase I-III Clinical Trials for Sirotinib (XZP - 5491)
2016-08-26 15:45:36 Author:admin
       Clinical Trials of Sirotinib (XZP - 5491) by CFDA with the Approval Numbers of 2016L06493 and 2016L06497.

       As a pan-Her inhibitor, Sirotinib is the second innovative oncology drug developed by Xuanzhu Pharma. Our comprehensive preclinical studies demonstrated that Sirotinib has excellent efficacies on a broad range of cancers and with unique pharmacokinetic properties which can effectively penetrate the blood brain barrier.         

       The approval of Sirotinib for the phase I-III clinical trials represents another milestone in the SiHuan/ XuanZhu’s new drug discovery history. We enter into a new clinical stage of the development process, and we have many works remaining before us. It is still an urgent task for us to accelerate the clinical development, and to launch the drug product in the China market as soon as possible.

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