Research Overview

XuanZhu Pharma’s R&D efforts are now focused on multiple therapeutic areas, such as antibiotics, cardiovascular disease, oncology and diabetes, with more than 10 molecular targets each year.

In recent years, the extensive use of broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents lead to serious hospital infection and bacterial resistance, bringing difficulties in clinical treatment and heavy economic burden to the patients, which has become a public health issue of global concern. Our company is committed to the R&D of drugs against drug-resistance bacteria (anti-MRSA, anti-enterococcus). Currently, the drugs we are working on are varieties badly needed in clinical treatment both at home and abroad, such as carbapenems and oxazolidinone.
In recent years, the incidence of cancer in the world shows a rising trend. The report of World Health Organization (WHO) shows that cancer has become the world's deadliest disease instead of cardiovascular disease. According to the data provided by Cancer Prevention and Treatment Office of China's Ministry of Health, cancer has become the second top killer (top killer for urban residents) in China. It is predicted that by 2020, China will have 5.5 million new cancer cases, of which the death toll will reach 4 million. In China, lung cancer and breast cancer respectively rank first in the male and female cancer incidence and mortality. Therefore, the R&D of anticancer drugs, especially for lung cancer and breast cancer which have seriously affected people's health, not only has broad market prospects, but also has great social significance. Our company has been at the international research frontier and committed to R&D of small-molecule targeted anti-cancer drugs with high specificity, good efficacy and almost no harm to the normal cells of the body.
Diabetes is recognized worldwide as one of the most chronic diseases. With main characteristics of hyperglycemia, diabetes is a metabolic disease related to abnormal production and action of insulin, including two types: type I is characterized by absolute lack of insulin and type II is characterized by relative lack of insulin and insulin resistance (IR). Now diabetes is the third chronic disease that are seriously harmful to human health following cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. Therefore, it is urgent and meaningful to develop new type of anti-diabetic drugs with new mechanism and fewer side effects, so as to expand current effective therapies to increase treatment options for type II diabetes.
Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease, a highly fatal disease worldwide with much higher fatality rate than cancer, AIDS and other diseases including coronary heart disease, hypertension and arrhythmia, is becoming “the first killer” of human health. In recent years, with continuous improvement of living standards and deterioration of natural environment, the prevalence, incidence and mortality of cardiovascular disease is increasing annually, which has brought large economic burden to the society and patients. This disease has become a major public health problem people are faced with nowadays; therefore, to strengthen the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease is really an urgent and important task today.
Digestive Disease
Peptic ulcer, a type of acid-related disease, can occur in the stomach, duodenum and also lower esophagus, stomach-jejunum anastomotic stoma as well as ectopic gastric mucosa in Meckel's diverticulum. As the formation of these ulcers is associated with the digestion of gastric acid and pepsin, they are known as peptic ulcers, which mostly occur in stomach and duodenum (98% ~ 99%), as a result, they are also known as gastric and duodenal ulcers. In recent years, due to the fast pace of modern life, pressure of competition and bad living habits, the incidence of peptic ulcers keep rising, seriously affecting people's work and life. Therefore, it has very realistic and significant meaning to develop anti-peptic ulcer drugs with higher security and better pharmacokinetic characteristics for desirable therapeutic effect.
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